about margo

Hi, I’m Margo

Ms. Margo Ford is in her 13th career year as an early childhood professional. She has worked in the non-profit sector, 11 plus years in the public-school arena, and an instructor at community colleges. Family Engagement, Self-Awareness, and PreK are her passions. Ms. Ford has created North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education approved training material, nominated twice as Teacher of the Year, as well as a finalist in 2020. She majored and earned her degree in Birth- Kindergarten Education at Winston-Salem State University, where she pursued her passion for family engagement, and literacy. She later attended University of North Carolina at Greensboro, receiving a master’s in leadership and administration, enhancing her passion for advocacy. Ms. Ford is most recently excited to share with the world her first children’s book Mirrors Up! This book is a self-awareness book full of affirmations building the foundation of cultural humility.

Margo Ford, M.Ed

“Hold your head high, look them in the eye and smile…” are words you heard on the way out the door. There is something powerful about the message you give yourself. Encouraging and empowering words to yourself are valuable tools for a life full of success and excellence. Build a foundation of self love by looking in the mirror with affirmations of love.